Healing Wheel is a global community, whose members have personally received healing wheel therapies and/or schooling from Steven Hurwitz. Those accepted as students, can live their potential, embrace their divinity and manifest healing acts...be it professional or personal.

Steven’s treatment method Energyfluidics™ evolved out of a variety of techniques including Neuromuscular Therapy, Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao, Tensin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Tibetan Bön Buddhism Dzoghen teachings, Sogyal Ripoche’s contemplative care, and Samuel Schoonover’s Deep Tissue Integration. He has been a herbalist for over 40 years integrating Chinese, Ayurvedic, American Indian, Western and Indigenous Cultures.

He is able to see, listen, and unite with his fingers and hands. He releases the formative blocking patterns emanating from muscles, joints, meridians, and organs. He can help rid the body of deep pockets of stress and injury. He has the uncanny ability to restore fluidity to your joints and rekindle an inner spark. After a few regular visits with Steven you will feel the journey to being whole again has taken a forward leap.

His work in LIfe Force energy nourishment is groundbreaking. Mind-body healing, divine union realization, and the creation of new organs of consciousness are now possible.

This year Steven has undertaken to establish not only training workshops for his students, but also to make available his wealth of knowledge and teachings by establishing a Healing Wheel retreat center. Currently in the property and financial contribution search stage, each individual and couple will have the opportunity to become nourished and enriched during longer stays. Here too, awareness, compassion, light, and warmth can yield freedom from attachments that bind.